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The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 with its eye-popping Infinity Display has left us all wondering, “Why would I Fish?” Well, the Galaxy S8 is an evolutionary step forward for the industry, and it’s not just because of its expansive display. Samsung’s latest flagship phones take the innovative design to new levels, incorporating a more rounded look that’s reminiscent of the Galaxy S7 Edge (which looked so cool and dated, but actually managed to evolve).

Ok, I’m going to start with a nonsensical question. Did you know you can catch a fish with a can of baked beans in its mouth? Alright, now you’ll never be able to find your car keys but I promise you’ll find your way to the nearest corn chip factory. Seriously though, what’s the point of fishing?

Fishing is a gathering profession in Final Fantasy XIV, one of the many professions your character can use to leave combat and head out into the world to harvest natural resources.

Some of you will read it like this: I pay subscription fees to fight monsters with catgirls, so why should I take a rod?

Some of you are probably rubbing your hands and wondering when you can put down your guns and get going.

Anyway, Fishing in XIV has many advantages that can be very useful in your game.

At least, for me, it’s relaxing.

There’s something about getting out of your armor and sitting by the river for a while, soaking up the great atmosphere of XIV and doing something that doesn’t require high pressure for a while.

It can be a welcome respite from more intense play.

Clearly, not everyone shares this way of thinking.

You want your time in the game to be productive, right? All the other artisans and collectors look like they are doing something interesting: Make weapons, armor or potions. So how does fishing fit into all this?

It’s actually a very rewarding task. It may not sound impressive, but it has a big place (I’m desperately trying not to make a pun on fish) in Eorzea’s economy. Let’s start at the top.

How do I start fishing?

All you need to start the game is an apprentice in the War Council or a level ten mage.

This applies to all combat-oriented roles.

Go to the fishermen’s guild in Limsa Lominsa and accept the quest. You will receive your first rod in no time.

Like every job in XIV, fishing has its own story with tasks, characters and challenges.

It may seem a little slow, but that’s part of its charm.

It’s not something you have to do to get ahead. This in itself is a relaxing and rewarding activity. The first quests will teach you everything you need to know to start the game.

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What does fishing get me?

Besides fish? What else do you need?

Fishing goes hand in hand with cooking. Cooks prepare food that can give players extremely useful buffs, and these buffs are highly sought after by the raiding community.

If making a profit is important to you, you’re probably better off with Culinar.

If you already play Culinarian, you can save a lot of time and money on ingredients by fishing.

Cooks can also cut up the fish and turn it into handmade parts that can be used by different artisans in different recipes. The two works complement each other in a way.

But don’t feel like you have to do both if you don’t want to.

You can make money by selling fish. But the gains won’t reach the potential of the other classes.

Fishing is certainly an activity practiced primarily for pleasure, and sometimes for profit.

Patch 5.2 also introduced Sea Fishing, a 24-player group activity exclusively for fishermen.

Every two hours a boat leaves from the lower deck of Limsa Lomins. And players can go fishing in the best spots in Eorzea.

This activity can bring great experience rewards as well as money, aunts and house decorations.

If fishing still doesn’t seem right, you probably won’t change your mind. But Ocean Fishing is an example of the kind of relaxation that fishing can bring, if that’s what you’re looking for.

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Why fishing and not botany or mining?

If you are looking for fun and relaxation, fishing is what you need in the 14th.

It is a quiet and rewarding activity that provides variety.

Botany and mining offer very material rewards – there is a clear path to success here, mapped out paths to profit, and useful synergies with the Disciples of the Earth.

In my opinion, fishing is one of the small parts of XIV that brings the world to life.

Other MMOs can do it too, of course. But not in such detail.

Few competing games have the atmosphere and setting that Final Fantasy XIV has. And fishing gives you a chance to sit back and enjoy it.

It made me feel like my character has a life beyond heroism, especially when it’s associated with his humble home where he returns at the end of the day.

Will fishing compete with botany or mining in terms of profit or extraction? Probably not.

But with the right approach, this path can be extremely rewarding.

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