Lord of the Rings Online’s two new progression servers launch June 30

Two new servers for Lord of the Rings Online (LoTRO) will be released on June 30 of this year, and they are part of the game’s first expansion, Mines of Moria. The new servers are the Dwarrowdelf server and the Blackrock server, and they’ll be free to players who have purchased the expansion.

Last week we told you that Game Director of LOTRO John Stella would be hosting a livestream to introduce the two new progression servers that are launching on June 30th, and today he’ll be taking questions from the community during the stream.

Less than two weeks ago, Standing Stone Games revealed two new progressive servers for Lord of the Rings Online, and this afternoon we learned about the launch date: 30. June. The news was announced by the studio on Twitter this afternoon.

As MOP readers already know, these two servers have very different rules, and their arrival will hopefully help ease the loss of last week’s Ithil server. The new Shadowfax progression server will essentially speed up level progression to allow players to move through the story and unlock progression faster, while the Treebeard server will slow down level progression and make you fall asleep like in the movies during the Treebeard scenes in The Two Towers. You know you did it.

We plan to make [Shadowfax and Treebeard] permanent servers, SSG producer Raninia said at the studio’s press conference last week.

Our new legendary Shadowfax and Treebeard servers are coming on the 30th. June! With these two servers, you can enjoy the Legendary experience faster or slower, whatever you want! We will have more information on the day of the launch. #LOTRO pic.twitter.com/DMmgI9oFHs

– LOTRO (@lotro) 24. June 2021


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