How To Uninstall Chromium [3 Methods]

Today, on our site, you’ll learn how to remove chrome easily. So let’s get to the real issue. Chrome is not a virus. Chrome itself is perfectly legal, although it is often used for malicious purposes, usually for adware and potentially unwanted programs.

Chromium is Google’s open source web browser, which originated in 2008. But it is still used today because of its speed and minimal interface. Chromium code is also available and is often used by other developers to create different browsers. And sometimes those who develop these browsers use them as a platform for malicious content, leading to many security risks for your machine.

3 Process for the elimination of chromium

If you download Chromium from spam sites or places other than the official Google site, Pretend Chromium may install a toolbar at the top of your computer screen. Moreover, Chromium is usually downloaded from pop-ups or fraudulent advertising sites. And it corrupts the main uninstaller, so you can’t remove it.

Giving permission to random useless websites or pop-up ads that appear in your system’s browser is a signal from your computer that your system is infected with some virus. Removing information works for all browsers: Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox, as well as for all these platforms Mac, OS and Windows.

Why should Chrome not be installed on our system?

Hackers usually want to install it on our computer to send their malicious viruses or targets to our system by spreading Chromium virus. It’s easy to confuse good publicity and real legitimacy with being a liar. You should always be wary of random hyperlinks or flashy ads. When you are browsing in your browser, these ads look like they are fighting with all the colorful images and sounds, but don’t click on the ads because they can send you a virus through their website.

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But that’s what the pirates want to do. Email phishing is another matter. You have received many emails from unknown senders, do not click on their links, they also try to install a Chrome virus on your computer. Phishing emails can be very tricky, so be careful what you do or do not open.

It’s best to delete an email before you open it. The removal instructions are easy to use, and we recommend following the steps as soon as possible so you can remove the virus and protect your files and personal data with the remaining components.

How do I uninstall Chrome from my computer?

The easiest and most advanced way to remove pop-ups, malicious ads, ransomware and other viruses is to use automatic removal tools. You can use any antivirus program or virus protection on your system, they will remove or delete all viruses. You can also try to uninstall Chromium manually. To remove Chromium virus, uninstall it through Control Panel, and then delete all files and registry keys. We will guide you through the next steps.

Method 1: How to remove the Windows 10 Control Panel from Chromium

Follow these steps to remove Chrome from Control Panel on your Windows PC:

  • Open the Control Panel and search, then click the Uninstall a program button,
  • Select Chromium from the list of programs and click the Uninstall button at the top of the list,
  • Click the Delete button that appears in the confirmation dialog.
  • After clicking on it, go to your system’s AppData folder and completely remove or uninstall the Chromium folder.
  • Then empty the Recycle Bin to confirm that all these malware folders are completely removed.
  • Then restart the computer.

Method 2: Process in progress, attempted removal

If you want to learn how to remove Chromium malware, you should check if it doesn’t work. When you close the application, some malicious viruses continue to run in the background of the system.

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager on a Windows computer or laptop.
  • You will then see a list of applications and processes running on your computer. Look for something called chrome or chromium.
  • Select the unwanted process and click on the Remove button.
  • If active applications do not close, right-click in the process window of the application in question and click the End Task button.
  • If the processes do not stop, go to the next step as you will need additional software to fix the problem.

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Once the program is successfully removed, you can start removing the malware. If you are using Windows 10, press Win + X> Settings before selecting apps on the screen. In the list of applications and features, find the name of your malware and select Remove.

Method 3: Delete chrome user data folder

During the malware scan, all Chromium malware should be removed, but some problematic files are still on your system. It can make your computer slow and bad. It’s time to get smart and remove the Chromium Settings folder from your system. Don’t worry about this process, because when you reopen the app or software, the default Chrome browser will restore the folder immediately.

While you wait for your Chrome browser to work, press the Win + R key and type% appdata%. This will take you to your custom AppData roaming folder in Windows. Find a folder called Chromium or, if your default Chrome installation is infected, Google Chrome.

Delete the folders, then do the same with Win + R and% LocalDapData% in the AppData Local folder.


Your computer should now be free of the Chromium browser software. If your current anti-virus software allows this program on your computer, you should replace your anti-virus software or purchase a premium version of this software in the future. If you are still experiencing problems with your computer after following these instructions, please comment in the comment box below.

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frequently asked questions

How to remove Chromium without control panel?

Type appwiz. cpl and press Enter to open Programs and Features. Scroll down the list of programs and components, right-click on Chromium and select Uninstall. Follow the on-screen instructions to remove it from your computer.

Is Chrome malware?


How do I remove the chrome at the top of my screen?

Once the Web Bar is installed, users will see a toolbar at the top of Windows. a) Right-click on Start and select Control Panel. b) Click on Programs and Features and select Uninstall a Program. e) Right-click on Search Toolbar and remove it.

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