Highly customized vertical Seekbar with segments

The Seekbar is an increasingly popular type of control element in modern applications for its ability to provide a single, “vertical” input (as opposed to the traditional horizontal and vertical inputs). However, there are still some limitations that make it unusable on certain platforms. In this tutorial we will explore how you can create highly customized Seeker bars with segments using CSS

The “vertical seekbar android” is a highly customized vertical Seekbar with segments. It has an indicator that shows the progress of the bar, and it can be customized in many ways.

Highly customized vertical Seekbar with segments

It’s a Kotlin-based Android Vertical Seekbar with segments. It has a variety of customizing options for creating a Slider/Seekbar that meets your needs.


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Add the Maven Central repository to the root build of your project. gradle source code

mavenCentral() mavenCentral() mavenCentral() mavenCentral() mavenCentral() mavenCentral() mavenCentral() mavenCentral() mavenCentral() mavenCentral() mavenCentral() ma

In your app’s build.gradle file, add the following dependency:

‘io.github.smartsensesolutions:SegmentedVerticalSeekBar:1.0.0’ is the implementation.


Here’s an example of how to do it.

Declare the view in your layout.xml file:


To access the current progress of the seekbar, use setOnBoxedPointsChangeListener in your activity/fragment:

override fun onProgressChanged(segmentedPointsSeekBar: com.ss.svsdemo.SegmentedVerticalSeekBar?, progress: Int) tvCurrentValue.text = progress.toString() svsLevelView.setOnBoxedPointsChangeListener(object: com.ss.svsdemo.SegmentedVerticalSeekBar. Override fun onStopTrackingTouch(segmentedPointsSeekBar: com.ss.svsdemo.SegmentedVerticalSeekBar?) with Log.e(“MainAct”,”onStartTrackingTouch: “+segmentedPointsSeekBar?.value) activityMainBinding.svsLevelView.value = segmentedPointsSeekBar?.value!! ) Log.e(“MainAct”,”onStopTrackingTouch: “+segmentedPointsSeekBar?.value)


The characteristics available to change the appearance and feel of the Seekbar are shown below.

maxValue: Maximum number of segments for the Seekbar View to render.

currentValue: Seekbar’s current Progress value. It may be used to change the default current progress in the seekbar, and the modified progress value can be collected using this attributes getter.

cornerRadius: A radius attribute that allows Seekbar’s borders to be curved.

step: The incremental number for the user’s drag progress. For example, setting it to “2” will raise the progress in the Seekbar by two steps.

delimiterColor: The separator color that divides the Seekbar into pieces.

progress Color: The progress in Seekbar is represented by this color.

backgroundColor: The color of Seekbar’s base view.

pyramidViewEnable: If true, this boolean value will produce a Seekbar in the form of a pyramid. If you set it to false, you’ll get a rectangular Seekbar, which is the default.

If pyramid view is enabled, this is a Boolean value. When set to true, a pyramid seekbar will be created from top to bottom, but when set to false, it will be created from bottom to top.

isAllRadius: Boolean value for setting the radius for all Seekbar segments, i.e. rounded views for all segments.

touchDisabled: Boolean value that allows Seekbar to proceed by scrolling instead than utilizing the touch/press event.

enabled: Boolean to totally activate or hide the Seekbar view.

Library for iOS

Also see SSVerticalSegmentsSlider in our iOS Library.


2021 Copyright Solutions from SmartSense This file is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the “License”); you may not use it unless you agree to the terms of the License. The License is available at http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0. Unless otherwise required by relevant law or agreed upon in writing, software distributed under the License is provided “AS IS,” with no explicit or implied warranties or conditions. The full text defining rights and limits under the License may be found in the License.


Visit Github for further information.

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The “android vertical seekbar thumb position” is a highly customized vertical Seekbar with segments. The user can customize the colors, fonts, and even the animation of how it moves.

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