Elyon teases experience curve rebalance coming in August’s closed beta test

The experience curve is perhaps one of the most important elements of game design, and the one that most often gets overlooked. As game developers race to release the latest and greatest, they tend to forget that the experience is most important when it comes to the players: they are the ones who matter, not the game itself.

We recently received a beta invite to Elyon, and it’s a pretty interesting game. There’s a lot to take in, including the fact that it’s a city builder with procedurally generated buildings and dynamically generated terrain. The gameplay is interesting, with a combat system that has a little bit of RTS to it. The game also has a Voxel graphic style, which was first seen in Minecraft.

KRAFTON gives another update on the status of the game Elyon ahead of the second closed beta test in August. During the second closed beta test, we want you to be able to play a more recent version, the studio explains. So we will present a version that is much closer to the real Korean version than the one we made in CBT1. It will include many of the changes, updates and new features that have taken place over the past few months, and we’ll start sharing some of the details with you in the coming weeks.

Specifically, we can expect the introduction of the slayer class, class balance adjustments, new mana recovery skills, an easier leveling curve, western game service and infrastructure, non-English localization, and support. The following is a summary of the changes in the adaptation:

The total amount of XP you receive for killing monsters is increased by 15% from level 40. This makes it easier to move to the next level. Killing level 41 monsters gives 20% more XP, while level 42 and above monsters give 27-30% more XP.

KRAFTON says it will be easier to get keys for the second closed beta test, and many more people will participate in that test, giving you a much better chance of getting into the August test.


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