btrace(AKA RheaTrace) is a high performance Android trace tool which is based on Systrace

btrace is a high performance trace tool for Android which was developed for use in the smartphone industry. It supports both native and Java applications and provides powerful features such as: Layer-7 packet capture, detailed application profiling, advanced TCP/IP analysis, deep memory dumps of process stacks with support to detect processes/threads on all cores “android … Read more

Small code generating library for safe Jetpack Compose navigation with no boilerplate

Jetpack Compose is a small code generating library that allows you to use WordPress Jetpack’s Composer without having any boilerplate code in your themes or plugins. Compose Navigation may be improved with the use of a KSP library. It utilizes KSP to analyze annotations and create code that uses Compose Navigation behind the scenes. As … Read more

Highly customized vertical Seekbar with segments

The Seekbar is an increasingly popular type of control element in modern applications for its ability to provide a single, “vertical” input (as opposed to the traditional horizontal and vertical inputs). However, there are still some limitations that make it unusable on certain platforms. In this tutorial we will explore how you can create highly … Read more

Modern GTD(Get Things Done) Android App

GTD is on the rise as a productivity methodology in recent years. The app makes it easy to manage your tasks, notes and projects with just one application! The “best app for gtd 2021” is a modern GTD (Get Things Done) Android App. It has been updated with new features and bug fixes in the … Read more

The official iOS client library for

The official iOS client library for has been released by video platform, which allows users to build games with an intuitive interface and a streamlined workflow. The architecture of the iphone app is based on vidyard’s cross-platform framework that makes it easier than ever before to create high quality mobile game experiences!. The video … Read more

Firebase Cloud Firestore Android

Firebase Cloud Firestore is a fully managed, NoSQL database that integrates seamlessly with Google cloud services. The tool helps developers more easily build mobile apps and web applications without the hassle of managing data storage for their users or servers. The “firebase console” is a tool that allows users to manage Firebase projects. It also … Read more

Progress.swift Add beautiful progress bars to your loops

Progress.swift is a Swift playground for progress bars and spinners on iOS, macOS, and tvOS. It’s an open source project initiated by Tobias Sjögren from Sweden in early 2017 with the goal of having beautiful progress bars everywhere! The “progress bar with percentage swift” is a library that allows you to add beautiful progress bars … Read more