A Swift Library that provides an easy way to work with location-related functionalities

The Swift library provides a way to abstract the complexity of working with location-related functionalities by using an “easy” API. LocationKit is designed to be easy and fun for novice developers, while still providing powerful features that allow more advanced users to customize their experience. This library simplifies the process of manipulating geographical locations by … Read more

Smile Blog App Using Swift

Smile is an easy to use blog app for iOS that uses the Swift programming language. This means users can easily create their own blogs or edit any preexisting ones in order to share stories with friends and followers. Smile takes advantage of Apple’s recent advances in coding languages, all while remaining open source. The … Read more

The Feed API challenge with swift

The Swifty Challenge was started by iOS engineer Michał Jankowski. The app makes it easy for developers to create apps that will use the feed API introduced in iOS 9 along with other important features like 3D Touch support and autocomplete text boxes. But first, there’s a lot of work ahead of them because there … Read more

A demo project for implementing latest frameworks, Android APIs, tools, and techniques

In recent years, Android has become the dominant mobile operating system. In fact, over 1.4 billion people worldwide use an Android device to connect with friends and family on a daily basis. Developers have been building applications for this platform from day one but now they are facing new challenges due to some of Google’s … Read more

Analytics Tools for Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile iOS and android

Kotlin is a programming language for the JVM and Android. It’s designed to be concise, readable, and functionally-oriented—the perfect toolkit for mobile development. In an increasingly competitive market of app building platforms Kotlin provides a new perspective on how developers can build apps that will stand out from the crowd while being cost effective at … Read more

An Android library that enables multi-font selection functionality to diversify your app

We all know that often times, text can be hard to read. But with the help of this library, you will finally have more control over how your app presents its content for users! “font awesome android github” is a library that enables multi-font selection functionality to diversify your app. The library is available on … Read more

A rule-based validation library for Swift

We all have heard of the need for validation in Swift. The problem is that there are no good libraries to do so, which means you’re limited to writing your own code! Enter rules-based validation library RulesKit by Niklas Wiström. This library will help keep every part of your app clean and easy to maintain … Read more

Drop in user input validation for iOS apps

Apple has been criticized in the past for its lack of security measures when it comes to app development, but a new report says that they may be making some changes. In April 2019, Apple released a new set of security guidelines for iOS apps. One major change was the drop in user input validation … Read more